About the Author


The author is a chemist scientist; SUNY Stony Brook 1976, inventor, holder of several US and foreign patents. The author has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, England and the Far East. His interest in archaeology has been primarily focused on the Americas. He has visited many of the sites mentioned in the book and had the opportunity to observe some of the celestial phenomena; some of the sites are aligned to. This book is the culmination of years of pondering and research resulting in the paradigm changing discoveries documented in this work.


His interest in land surveying and map making was developed at an early age under the tutelage of his father, who was an agronomist and civil engineer; as described in the book's dedication to his father reproduced below.




My father was a self-made civil engineer, agronomist and surveyor. From an early age he taught my older brother and me how to assist him as his chainmen; to take the measurements for topographic mapping for his work. He taught us how to use the optical transit instrument and how to draw the topographic maps from the data we collected.

We learned his work ethic and sense of duty and above all, his love of all knowledge. Of particular interest to him was history, which he could recollect in detail and with it enthrall an audience. An audience that was always there; for real history or tall tales, of which he was a master


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