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The Nazca Lines Lead to Archeological Sites

Following the azimuth of the Nazca Lines as great circles it was discovered that not only temples in Tahiland have corresponding lines at Nazca, but virtually every site of archaeological interest we tested has a line, as well. The graphic shows how the lines look like on the Nasca plain, for a few of the temples.

Further study showed that not only pyramids, dolmens, temples, circles, cairns and any other kind of site of archaeological interest has a corresponding line in the Nasca plain; so did all anthropological sites we had included in the first test. In the graphic one can see Taung Child and Sterkfountaine's line at the bottom. 

Other sites from North America are also recorded with their own lines: Hovenweep, UT and the Medicine wheel at Big Horn, WY. Also, archaeological sites in India; Alamgirpur and Valishali are shown. The pyramids of Cheops and Chephren, and the Sphinx appear towards the top center. Also shown are Chichén Itza, the Golan Circle and El Infiernito.





Machu Picchu Was Built on a Ridge that Follows The Earth's axis Tilt Angle

Machu Picchu is located 1.5 miles high in the Andes, northwest of Sacsayhuaman at about 302 degrees. The citadel sits on a mountain ridge that runs northwest at 337.83 , coincidentally the ridge's direction almost equals the obliquity angle of the earth's axis. The Intihuatana Stone 'The Sun's hitching Post' is a structure atop the citadel that aligns with the sun at the summer solstice -another Sun Dial. The stone lines up at 336.56 with another structure atop the ridge. Also, the buildings' walls across the plaza and its terraces were built at the same angle. The Circle of Illumination's angle which at this latitude has a value of 335.89 is found in some of these stepped terraces. This reinforces the idea, the ancient architects were aware of how the sun illuminates the earth and the shift in angle through the equinoxes. 

The foregoing indicates that the site for Machu Picchu was likely selected, because the mountain ridge follows the approximate angle of obliquity of the earth's axis. The city architects planed the structures to correct the azimuth to more closely follow the declination of the earth's axis and also included the exact Circle of Illumination's azimuth in the stepped terrace's design. The Sun Hitching Post stone's location (-13.162 -72.545) aligns with the sun at its zenith when it reaches the solstice culminations, during the spring and autumnal equinoxes; which start in the southern hemisphere on September 23rd and March21st.


NEW RESEARCH, provides more detailed insight as we study the INTIHUATANA Stone itself.



MACHU PICCHU aligns with the earth axis declination angle the sun line serves to measure time.tif






Chaco Pueblos Arroyo & Bonito their walls align with Nazca and Easter Island at 180 degrees.tif


The Chaco Canyon Pueblos Were Built Exactly North of Easter Island


Pueblo Bonito is a quarter mile east of Pueblo del Arroyo, it has a horse shoe configuration that faces south. It encloses rectangular buildings and twenty five circular Kiva structures. The largest of these circular structures, sits at the front-center and is about 52 feet in diameter and about ten feet deep. This structure is flanked on the east and west by stone walls that run at different angles. The Western wall line runs at an angle of 180.0 degrees, whereas the eastern wall line runs at an angle of 171.17 degrees. The front of the horseshoe shaped pueblo- see illustration- is enclosed by two walls; these are not co-linear. The western wall runs east west at 90 and 270 degrees. The purpose of this alignment appears to set the cardinal coordinates, with the 180 degrees western wall from which all other alignments depend. The eastern wall confirms this; it runs east at 85.26 degrees. Running this line west at 265.26 degrees, it reaches the island of O'ahu, passing through Honolulu near Temple Heiau. Continuing on to Australia, it finds the Cascades petro glyphs, and on the west passes by the mines of Laverton and Gwalia, and 167 miles north of the Kalgoorlie mine.  The 90 degrees east bound line cuts through the Pharr Mounds in Mississippi and Rock Eagle in Georgia…


The Hovenweep and Chaco Pueblos align with each other and the Temple of Viracocha


This Pueblo site has been extensively studied, in particular for its astronomical solar calendar window arrangements. The windows allow sun rays to illuminate different wall sections at different times of the year. One of these illuminated walls displays a spiral.   The Pueblos are found in the canyons around the 'Four Corners' where the States of Utah, Colorado Arizona and New Mexico meet. These pueblos are geometrically connected with several archaeological sites around the world. Some of these connections have already been explained, specifically, those of the Chaco canyon Pueblos. Following we focus on the Hovenweep structures and their alignments. We start by showing the geography of the region on the map; the Four Corners region. Hovenweep is just north of the four corners, which are marked on the map with dotted lines. The Chaco Arroyo 325.17⁰NW line passes two miles east of the Hovenweep Twin Towers and the Castle. The Twin Towers (37.37⁰-109.07⁰) are aligned at an angle of 140.2⁰ following this direction south to Nazca, the line finds the Nazca line for the towers at 14.68⁰S  75.10 ⁰W


CHACO & HOVENWEEP Pueblos align with Sacsayhuaman and Raqchi temple of Viracocha.tif



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